Friday, March 16, 2018

Robbed Again! A Tale of Copyright Infringement

  Remember  few posts back when I was complaining about people stealing my photos,and using them on their own blog,or offering them for download, etc.? Well last night I found something else that really set me off. I found an auction on Ebay. The seller was offering a 1/6 scale 'portrait package' of Ricky doll pictures...MY pictures! It's bad enough when somebody steals your photos for their blog or something where they aren't directly making money from it. But when somebody is selling a product they made using your work,that's worse.

This is one of the photos she used.
  I sent her a message:
 "Hello,I have just seen your auction for this miniature picture pack,the contents of which are ALL MY PHOTOGRAPHS. These photos are ALL from my blog,Planet of the Dolls,and are subject to the copyright mentioned on the blog's Home page. I have also posted some of these photos on Flickr. Please remove this auction and any others selling products made from my photographs. Cease to sell any products made from any of my photographs. I spend a great deal of time and effort photographing dolls for my blog. These photos are for my use only. I didn't do the work for you to make money from it. If the auction is not removed I will be reporting your actions to Ebay."
She used this one too.

  Today I had gotten two messages from her. She scolded me for not being 'nicer',because she is 'old' and 'disabled' and that this is how she 'pays her bills'.  So now I'm supposed to feel guilty for complaining. For one thing,I don't know anything about her,except that she stole my work. I have no idea of her situation. For another thing,that's no excuse for stealing. She also said,

I don't even know what a blog is. All I do is google Kelly, Ricky, Barbie, pics and copy from there. If there is a blog somewhere that these pictures came from how would I know?

Well they have to come from somewhere. They didn't just appear already taken. Admittedly,if you see something that has been pinned on Pinterest there isn't always a trail to the original posting. But I tried to explain to her that just because something shows up on Google that doesn't mean it's public domain and can be used freely. It only means it was posted online somewhere. She has an online store and sells on Ebay.She obviously knows something about using the internet. Here's the messages I sent back to her first response to my complaint:
    "You could have checked the source of the photos. Apart from that, you knew they weren't your own work,so you had to know you had no right to use them. Just because something shows up on the internet doesn't make it fair game. That's something a lot of people need to realize. Someone put time and effort into that work. I don't have nearly as much of a problem when someone is using one of my photos of a boxed doll strictly for reference purposes. When someone is using an artistic photo and/or using them to make money, however,that's another thing. Also,I make and sell miniatures myself,and might want to use my own photos at some point."

Another photo she stole.

 And here is the answer to her second message:

"Try to see it from my side as well as your own. I don't know anything about you. I don't know your situation. (And your situation doesn't allow you to steal from others. That may seem harsh, but it is 'stealing'.) All I know is that once again someone has stolen my work. I have seen my photos stolen and being used on other people's blogs,being offered for download on sites,etc.I have contacted them all and asked for them to stop using my work, and haven't even received a response. This was one more instance of others stealing my work,(and I do put a lot of work into my photos.The ones you used were from a year where I posted a different doll EVERY DAY. That's a lot of photos and a lot of work.),and this time the culprit was using them for their own profit. I was very angry. You have to realize that all those photos out there didn't just pop into existence. Someone put time and effort, into those photos,and in the case of some people's photos,a lot of money/work has gone into props and settings. Just because a photo is on the internet doesn't mean it's public domain and can be used freely. It just means it's been posted online somewhere. (You can Google anything and it will come up. That doesn't imply any rights to use it.) I have discussed this with many others who post online, and a lot of them have also had their photos stolen and they are angry too. A lot of people have resorted to watermarking or labeling their photos,only to have the thieves cut the photo off above the mark. Photography is an art form. You wouldn't use someone else's drawing, painting,or writing.What if someone broke into your house, stole a box of your hand made miniatures, and you found them online being sold by someone else? Look at it that way. It's the same thing."

  To top it off,she also put me in my place by telling me, "For your information,not one of these sold."   In other words,my photos aren't so hot because she didn't even sell any. That's nerve. Good. They weren't your to sell anyway.

Here's one she didn't actually use!
  By the way, you can see Ricky's original post,including these photos and more,HERE.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Breyers Classic Pet Groomer

  I'm working on a post on my birthday goodies. until then I thought I'd show you this little lady I got for 50 cents at my favourite Goodwill the other week.

 She has a translucent 'skin',but kind of intense eyes.

She's a Breyers lady.

She originally came in a Breyers Classics set 'Pet Groomer',which came with a  Corgi dog, Siamese cat, palomino foal, shampoo bottle, bucket and a water trough.
She can be used with a small Breyers horse,so she has some good articulation for sitting on the horse.

She's described as being 6" tall,but I measured her at 6 1/2" tall. She's slightly tall for my dollhouse, but she has gone to live there for the time being anyway.

Her shirt and jeans are nice, but her shoes are really cheap and thin. The toes were caving in and they were moving around and sitting on her feet at weird angles. I might just steal her clothes for a doll I already have and redonate her. I kind of like her though.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me! And Jenny By Mattel

  Tomorrow is my birthday. I certainly hope I feel better than I have for the past 3 days! I am staying home and hopefully all the kids will be here. I'm having food from a local Italian restaurant brought in, and we're just going to hang around. We might pay a game or something, watch a movie maybe. As long as everybody is here, that's what makes me happy.
  I know I said I was going to post a birthday wish list,but I changed my mind. I decided to forego the wish list and have Ken and I buy sparingly for each other's birthdays,instead putting the most of the money we would have spent toward a trip to England. Ken has been saving ever since we got back the last time. He really enjoyed going home again, for the first time in over 30 years,and it just made him itchy to go again. I have given up on going,because we just can't afford for both of us to go. I've been trying to make some money for the trip, but I'm never going to have enough in time. Now it looks like Ken may not to get to go either. His work place was going to do a remodel and he was going to go while they were closed and he couldn't have been working anyway. Now they are saying the remodel might not happen for 3 or 4 months, which puts it farther into the expensive season. So it may not happen anyway,and if it does, I have more time to save money. But instead, I am going to see a friend in Texas at the end of the month. I haven't seen her since we went there when Emma was about 3 years old!No offense Emma, but that was quite a while ago! (24 years this summer.) Lisa, my friend  is treating me to "An evening with John Cleese",where there will be a screening of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and a talk by John Cleese,along with a question and answer session. Lisa and I have both always been huge Monty Python devotees,so it's the perfect thing for us to do! She's taking the week off,so we'll have lots of time to catch up on 24 years apart.
  In   the meantime,here's a doll i picked up yesterday. I had to take Ken to work so I could have the van to pick Ivy up later/ She was demonstrating the clay wheel at school. So, when I dropped Ken off I stopped at Goodwill, which is in the same center.

This is Jenny, by Mattel.

Red hair and brown eyes! Yay!

She was from the series of large Kelly and friends dolls,made in the early 2000's. Ivy was obsessed with Kelly dolls when she was tiny, and she had one of the large Kellys.

She measures about 16" tall.

 I got the chair at Goodwill yesterday too.

I actually have one of these Jenny dolls,and just bought this girl for her clothes.Once I got her home and was tidying her a bit for this post,I realized she has much better bangs than mine. 

They just need to be retrained to lay down.
I'll probably upgrade and keep this one. 

I'll be showing you some more Goodwill finds soon.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Little Red Riding Hood and the Latest on My Thyroid

  I'm so behind with things! I said I'd show you some of my Goodwill finds from weeks ago. Here's one of them. This is Little Red Riding Hood.

She was sold by Ashton Drake in 1988.

She was sculpted by Dianna Effner,one of my favourite doll artists.

She has one of those typical sweet Effner children's faces.

This girl was at my favourite Goodwill.She's made of porcelain,with glass eyes.

Her limbs have a wire armature,so they can be posed.

She has great curly hair that's still in good condition. 

I think her hood can really go up on her head, but with her hair in such good shape I didn't think I'd risk anything!


She's 14" tall.

She should have a basket with a loaf of bread in it. Her clothes are all there though,including bloomers,undershirt,dress with built in slip and apron,stockings,cape,and shoes.

There is a problem with her shoes!

I could fix them, but it doesn't show,so I may not bother. The white bits of her clothing are browned,but I can get rid of that with some Stain Devils. (I really should do a commercial for them!)

  I had my thyroid ultrasound on Monday. You know,the ultrasound my doctor didn't think was necessary because he said, "If you had a goiter I could see it." (A goiter is an enlarged thyroid.) I had to really keep stressing that I was still having trouble swallowing and "there's something going on in my neck!" I pressed for it, and he finally agreed to write an order for one. So,I had it, and guess what:I have a goiter! And not just a goiter, but one with 'multiple nodules'! So now he is sending me to...are you reading this Barb? endocrinologist! After he insisted I couldn't have a goiter! They said they might have to biopsy my nodules. Ack! How do they do that?! Is there a cut involved??!!
  My appointment isn't until the 17th of April! I'm still having trouble with the 2 extra half pills a week,so I hope I do ok until the appointment.I have been feeling pretty bad the day before I add the half pill,as if I've run out of medicine and it really helps when I take more. My heart has been getting fluttery again and some days my throat really feels like I'm being choked. I'll let you know what happens.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Perfect Tiny Tree,and the Imperfect Doctor

  My friend Lori and I went to Kentucky on Saturday to pick up her new horse trailer. When we got there we discovered that she had the wrong kind of hitch and would have to have it removed, and buy a new one and have it installed. So we went home trailerless. However,when we stopped for lunch I found this branch on the ground at the restaurant. It makes a pefect tiny tree!

It would make a great tree next to a little haunted house.

It's probably almost 2 feet tall, I think. (I didn't think to measure it until just now.)

The girl siting in it is 4" tall.
I thought of having my 'Huckleberry Fuzzy' pose in it.

This is the polymer clay boy I made, which has been named after my son Fuzzy. You can see his 'Day' HERE.
But I just rearranged my desk drawers a few days ago,and the old thing about putting something in a safe place,or a better place, and then not being able to find it still holds! I couldn't find the clear box I had put Huckleberry Fuzzy and some other dolls I made in The really stupid thing is, it WAS in the drawer I thought it was in! It was just hiding under the miniature Rockem Sockem Robots that I need to repair,and I didn't see it...until later when I was rearranging some other stuff and put something in the drawer! Typical!

So I had to use a stand in. The girl sitting in the tree is an unfinished  doll I've had sitting around here for a while.

She's only had one boot painted so far.

Her head, arms, and boots are made of paper clay. She has a wire armature. I think when I get her finished she'll have braids and be wearing a green plaid dress.
  I had another appointment with my useless doctor yesterday. A thyroid level of what is called THS should be no higher than 5. That's the highest it should be. My gynecologist said he liked his patients to be somewhere around the middle,2.5.Yesterday's doc showed me my records, which showed that my thyroid was over 8 when he started me on the medicine a couple of years ago. It has been various numbers, down as low as 4.something at one time, but was recently back up over 5. I told him I'm still feeling choked and having trouble swallowing sometimes,and have had a couple of fluttery heart instances since he upped my medicine by one half a pill once a week.(My cardiologist's assistant seemed to think that was hardly worth the trouble.) I insisted that something is definitely going on in my neck. He said my thyroid couldn't be enlarged or he'd see a goiter.I'm not sure that's strictly true. When I insisted again that something is going on in there, and that it was suggested at the cardiologists that I have my thyroid ultrasounded,he finally relented and agreed to send me. He also had to be pressed to do something about my medication, since he only raised it half a pill one day a week and I'm still having trouble. As it is he only raised it another half a pill one day a week. I also had to remind him after he logged in the new prescription, that if he was raising my dosage I would need more pills a month! He had to go back and correct it! Why don't I just take care of myself at this rate!
  He also made another fat crack this time too:"Are you trying to lose weight?" "Yes..." "What are you doing to try to lose weight--eating more?! Ha!"

I am so sick of that guy.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What the??? Stop stealing my pictures you other web sites!

  I am getting pretty fed up with finding my photos on other sites. What really pees me off is when I find them being offered for download on various sites. Hey! I didn't say you could steal the pictures, let alone offer them to other people for stealing! I don't mind if someone asks and wants to use an ordinary boxed doll picture for reference purposes. (Or even doesn't ask if it's something like that.) I  do mind when somebody steals a photo, especially if it's one  I've tried to be artistic with,and not just a stock type picture of a boxed doll. I spend a lot of time taking pictures for the blog, especially when I was posting a doll every day. I take time to edit the pictures too. I didn't do the work so somebody could just claim the pictures as their own. I ran across one doll collector's blog where she used an entire posts worth of my photos on her blog. It was a photo heavy post too,(Puppetrina.) so it was over 30 photos! She posts on dolls she doesn't even own, so she has to steal the pictures from other people. It's one thing, as I said, to use a photo of a boxed doll for reference. But she used loads of creative,artistic photos from loads of people. She gives credit at the end of her post,but just a general list of places she obtained the pictures, so nobody gets credit for their own work. And even with the credits given,she didn't even ask.
  I have vented now. But please think twice if you are thinking of using someone else's work.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Pip Squeaks' Anthony by Horsman

  I'll show you those other Goodwill finds next time,but today I wanted to show you the doll Ken got me for Valentine's Day.

Isn't this guy cute? His name is Anthony.

He's a Pip Squeaks doll,made by Horsman in 1967.

Kind of remind me of the Mamas and the Papas. What do you think?
The dolls were Cleo,Mark,Anthony, and Patty. (Makes me think of The Mosquitoes on "Gilligan's Island": Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Irving.) The Pip Squeaks were supposed to be a singing group,and they 'sang' when you squeezed their arms. You can call it singing, but really all they do is,well, squeak.

I came across this ad for the Pipsqueaks while researching something else. They really appealed to me,especially Anthony. I tried to find some other pictures or information,but there is almost nothing online.

The Pip Squeaks are supposed to be a bit rare,so I thought it would be impossible to find an Anthony. One day recently I was checking Ebay, and there was Anthony in a lot of old dolls. Ken secretly bid on it for me,and on Valentine's Day he produced Anthony.

Anthony arrived in a dress and shiny Mary Jane shoes,with a straw hat. So, I had to find some clothes that would fit him. This shirt doesn't close in the back,and his stretchy pants have a hole in them. He also needs shoes. But for now he's at least not naked! I made him the scarf and toboggan ,(Which I guess is called a 'beanie' these days.), out of an old sock. It was cold out, so he needed them.

He does have some stains on his face that I couldn't get off.but he still has a lot of personality.

He was amazed that my daffodils are coming up already.

Sure, you make me a hat and scarf, but you send me out without shoes!

And from under all last year's brown sweet pea vines, there are some new green vines peeking through.

He's only 13" tall. It says that right in the ad, but I imagined him being taller.

  So there he is.Next time,Goodwill dolls!