Saturday, August 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #231:Shrunken Saturday: Frozen Charlottes and Odds and Ends

  This Shrunken Saturday post highlights some little girls I got yard saling a couple of weeks ago.

They are this pair of Frozen Charlotte dolls. Only one is dressed though.

Frozen Charlottes get their name from their one piece,unjointed bodies.

They were made in occupied Japan.
Sometimes they don't even have moveable arms, but these girls do.

This set of twins is 2 1/4" tall.
The arms are connected with wire.

They look quite different, but as you can see, they are made from the same mold,just painted differently. The naked one actually cleaned up pretty well. I haven't cleaned the other yet. I'm debating about her clothes. Should I wash her clothes?Should I remove the dress for something nicer,or leave it because it may be original?
You saw Mr. and Mrs. Mouse the other day,and the Pillsbury dolls yesterday. I got them all  the same day of yard saling the other week.

I also got this nice 1/6 scale purple velvet couch, which is also a storage box,a rustic chair,(It's been fitted with a pin cushion pillow that's way to big for realism. I need to remove it.),a Boyd's duck,an adironack chair,a pair of rocking chair Christmas ornaments,the Pillsbury dolls,11 miniature plates,(for?),and what I guess is a coaster that is just like my grama's tray that matches her set of glasses,and a mystery Strawberry Shortcake doll,(Strawberry with a haircut,or Huckleberry pie?He's wearing a Happy Family Ryan shirt.),and next to the frozen Charlottes on the couch is a ceramic baby. 

10 of the plates were like this.

One was like this.

Angelic ceramic baby.

See you Tomorrow for another doll.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Doll-a-Day 2017 #230: Pillsbury Bun Bun and Biscuit

  The day before yesterday we saw Mr. and Mrs. Mouse, which I got yard saling a couple of weeks ago.

Today we're looking at another few dolls from that day. They're Bun Bun and Biscuit.

Bun Bun is the baby sister of Poppin Fresh,(The {Pillsbury Dough Boy.).

Biscuit,which I got two of, is their family cat.

These dolls are actually finger puppets. These two came in a set that also included the family dog,Flapjack.

Bun Bun,who is 3 1/2" tall, should have blue eyes and  a blue heart on her bib.

Biscuit is 2 1/2" tall. She should have blue eyes and a blue nose.

See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #229: Lotus Doll Kayumi? and Journey Girl Kelsey

  Today's doll is mostly this girl.

She's the one I have been mentioning. I got her at a yard sale last Friday.

Her tag says Lotus.

That would make me think she was an Espari doll,exclusive to Barnes and Noble. That would make her Kayumi.

Her face looks very much like a Journey Girl.

The doll on the right is Journey Girl Kelsey. I   got her,in the pink dress, at a church sale earlier this summer. (I'm not fully including her because I have shown you a Kelsey doll before. You can read my review of my Journey Girl Kelsey doll HERE.

 In fact,the first time I saw the Espari dolls at Barnes and Noble I thought they must use the same sculpts as Journey Girls. Seeing them side by side though, you can tell the difference.

Her face is chubbier than the Journey Girls doll,but they both have a pointy chin and a similar mouth.

She does look almost identical to Journey Girl Meredith though.

What confuses me is, this Lotus doll has some differences from what I know about the Espari dolls. For one thing,Espari dolls have, in the past at least, had a chest plate and half cloth torso like Journey Girls.

 This Lotus doll has a full cloth torso like American Girl.

This makes her a little chubbier than Journey Girls.

Left to right:older Our Generation,Pleasant Company American Girl,Lotus, and Journey Girl.

Her arms are chubbier and her hands are bigger.

Lotus on left, Journey Girl on right.
Her legs are chunkier and her feet are bigger too,more like American Girl feet.

Left to Right here and below: Pleasant Company American Girl,Lotus,Journey Girl.

And they have detail on the bottoms which Kelsey's don't have.

Left to Right:Older Our Generation,Pleasant Company American Girl,Lotus,Journey Girl.

She does have the same jointing I've read the Lotus dolls have. It's much more limited than Journey Girls.

Her arms and legs can only move back and fourth, not in and out at all.

And her head can only turn, and not tilt at all.

Her eyes are inset with 'real' lashes.

Her two front ringlets are supposed to be pulled back together, but I thought it was pretty this way.

Both dolls have beautiful silky curls.

Look how beautiful the Lotus doll's hair turned out.

The Lotus doll's hair was pretty nice when I bought her, but when I got her home I noticed she had a piece of gum stuck to her hair in the back! Luckily it wasn't mashed in. It seemed to have been dry and flattened before it ever came in contact with her hair. Still,I couldn't wait to get her hair washed though! Bleh!

Come back tomorrow for another Doll-A-Day.