Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #325: Dawn Paper Dolls

  Sometimes I forget that dolls aren't always three dimensional. In going through all the stuff around here lately, I've come upon a lot of things I had completely forgotten about. One of them is this set of paper dolls.

They were made by Whitman Publishing in 1971.

Apparently these were Amy's..whoever she is.

Dawn was, of course, licensed by Whitman from Topper Toys.

Dawn the 3-D doll was a small little lady.The paper version, at 9 1/2" tall, is much bigger than her 3-D counterpart.

Since Dawn came in on the tail end of the Mod Era,her clothes have that Mod influence. These paper dolls do too.

The thing that has me confused about this paper doll set is, it claims to have a  'magic stay on wardrobe',but I don't see anything making the clothes stay on. they sure didn't when I tried.

That was always the thing that frustrated me about paper dolls. The clothes never stayed on. The only paper doll we ever had that didn't constantly lose their clothes, was a Shirley Temple set. Shirley has magnets in her cardboard body,and her clothes have little tin squares that stuck to the magnets. Her clothes stayed on great, unless the magnets fell off the clothes. Then... But Dawn doesn't have any magnets on her body,and her clothes don't have anything either. Was their something like Shirley's magnets and tin squares that's missing from this set? Does anybody know how these clothes are supposed to stay on?

They don't have tabs, so you can't even fall back on that.

  See you tomorrow or some more dolls.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #324: Kitty by Bonomi

  Today's doll is this girl.

She's Kitty.

She was made by Bonomi of Italy.


The Kitty doll was sold in the United States too.

I think this is from the 60's.

She's about 15" tall.

I'm not sure quite what I think of her.


I like her dress.

It's actually a sheer dress with a stretchy pink body suit underneath. There's nothing holding it up except the stretchiness of the fabric, because there are no shoulders or straps.

And she's wearing cute shoes, even if one does need a pom pom replaced.

When I look up Kitty dolls I see lots of really pretty Kittys. But this girl is in need of some TLC to reach her potential.

Her face is a bit paled out.

Her arms have paled out a lot too,but her legs are still pink.

That may have something to do with the materials they're made out of. The head and arms are a soft vinyl, while the body and legs are hard plastic.

And those bangs need to lay down.

I tried to flatten them, but they weren't having it.
 With her bangs standing up you can see what a weird shaped forehead she has.

She was also being a huge pain because she's strung,or at least, she's supposed to be. Her legs are just hanging there,and her head? Not attached AT. ALL.

She does have some things going for her though. She has pretty glass eyes.

Her lashes are those feathery looking ones like the Alta Moda S girls have.


I think she'll need some colour rejuvenation. I'm not sure if I'm up to that.

I'm sure she was a beautiful doll when she was new.
That's it for today. I spent the day digging through tubs of dolls. I found quite a few interesting things,some I had forgotten we had. Check back tomorrow to see what doll I come up with.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #323:Shrunken Saturday:Tiny Terry

  This week's Shrunken Saturday doll is this tiny girl.

'Tiny' is right. In fact, she's Tiny Terry.

She looks very like Remco's Heidi and friends,but in fact,she was made by My Toy.


She's from 1966.

She has very oddly shaped feet.

She was completely without clothes, so she had to borrow this dress from my 1930's dollhouse girl,who had in turn borrowed it because she was naked. There's a big shortage of appropriate clothing in my dollhouse!

There were a few different types of dolls that were all called Tiny Terry. They also came in various hair colours. This particular one is 4" tall.

She's slightly smaller than Posin Pee Wee. He was glad to make her acquaintance.
The larger Tiny Terry had bendy arms,but her legs were only jointed at the hip and didn't bend. This girl has a bendy body, and arms and legs,and she's put together in a rather odd way.

I'm thinking she would not pass the child safety standards these days!

"Go ahead and jump...."

It does make her pretty posable though.

She made friends with the dollhouse dog pretty quickly.
She also appropriated one of the dolls from the dollhouse kid's room.
It's Mary Poppins. I didn't make this doll. I bought a whole room box full of them at a yard sale a few years ago. The box was set up as Santa's workshop, and it was full of these miniature dolls and other tiny toys. This Mary Poppins was one of my favourites.

Her head is pretty big for her little skinny body. I wonder if she had her shoes, if she would be easier to keep standing up. I doubt it.

Not satisfied with Mary Poppins,she tries to get the clown dolls down from the top of the wardrobe. Hasn't this kid heard of  "IT"?
That's it for this week's Shrunken Saturday.

I guess she has...

 Tomorrow we go full size again. See you then.