Thursday, October 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #291:Princess Taylor Angelique

  Yesterday we talked about Only Hearts Club dolls. Today's doll continues that.

She's Princess Taylor Angelique.

She's the Fairy Princess version of Taylor Angelique,obviously.

That's why she has a unicorn I guess. (?)

We spent the evening with Emma,so Taylor split her photo session between our yard and Emma's 'Grotto',as I call it. It isn't really a 'grotto',since that would be a cave with water inside,but it reminds me of a grotto. She lives in the lower floor of a house,and there is a surrounding stone 'wall' of sorts because she's partially underground. She has an enclosed, private space almost surrounded by rocks,and it's quite damp,so there's a greenness around. It just makes me think 'grotto'. Wickipedia describes man made 'garden grottos' like this: "The outside of garden grottoes are often designed to look like an enormous rock, a rustic porch or a rocky overhang. Inside, they're decorated as a temple or with fountains stalactites and imitation gems and shells (sometimes made in ceramic); herms and mermaids, mythological subjects suited to the space; and naiads, or river gods whose urns spilled water into pools. Damp grottoes were cool places to retreat from the Italian sun..." Alot of that fits Emma's 'grotto'.

Emma still has some flowers, or, at least, flowering weeds growing. They matched Taylor's outfit perfectly!

Like yesterday's Kayla Rae, Taylor Angelique is 9" tall.

And also like Kayla Rae, she has the bendy wired body.

She has the original 'nub' feet. Later dolls had plastic feet.

Her head can be tilted up and down,but she can't turn it side to side.
 Poor Taylor. I found her second hand and she was so unplayed with that her arm is still sewn to her side and her unicorn. It made posing her a little difficult.

This is about as far as her arm can go without unsewing it.
I've never gotten around to doing anything with her because I already had a Taylor Angelique. I just can't bear to leave Only Hearts girls behind when I see them because I just love them. (Plus I usually steal their clothes for my other girls.)

She has great crimped hair.

And the beautiful inset eyes and face sculpt Only Hearts dolls are known for.

Tomorrow we'll look at another member of the Only Hearts Club family.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #290: Kayla Rae and Sydney

  Wow. #290. that's a lot of dolls. Ok, some of them weren't mine,but I have to admit, most of them were. I have gotten rid of a few,but I really should get rid of more. We're talking way too much stuff here. I'm trying to weed some stuff out. I keep thinking I should concentrate on a few favourites, and get this stuff down to a manageable level. I am pretty pleased with myself that I have relinquished a few things lately. It would be nice to have some money to use for whatever I want too. I owe Emma for a ticket to see Squeeze next month. Ken's been saving recycling money to go home to England for a visit, maybe early next year,and it would be nice if we could both go. There are a lot of places the money could go. When I was doing some research the other day  I found out that today's dolls have become worth a sizeable amount. So now I'm trying to decide,how much do I want them? Could I use that money more than I want them? Let's talk about that as we go. So here they are.

They're Kayla Rae and her sister Sydney.

Obviously they are part of the Only Hearts Club line.

They were part of the  Big Sister Li'l Sister series.

I always loved the Only Hearts Club dolls. I used to admire them in Target. The first one I got was, of course, the red head,Lily Rose. I think she's the only one I ever bought new, other than these two, and one other one we'll see this week. In the end, Kayla Rae was the only Only Hearts Club girl I didn't have,except for Hanna Faith,the Asian girl. I never found her,but I did end up buying this Kayla Rae.

She has some tiny, short little bangs.

  Her sister Sydney was a cute bonus.

As tiny as she is,she has inset eyes, like her sister.
Sydney  has the same face as all the little sisters.She's also the only one I have besides Lily Rose's. Ivy has at least a couple though.

Pardon my walnut stained thumb in this picture. You can see the stain is mostly on the underside and around my nails now at least. That's alot less than it was. One of these days I'll return to my natural colour. As long as I'm dealing with these walnuts though, my hands are,seriously,about the colour of Kayla's.That would be ok,except the rest of me isn't. I've been explaining my walnut hands everywhere I go because it looks like I haven't washed my hands...for a long time! Yesterday,as I told you,my best friend commented,"Your hands are clean." Well,whatever. Those walnuts are delicious. I probably should have used gloves to hull them, but in any case, they're worth it.
 Another thing that was a bonus about these girls was, they're wearing coats.

Look at Kayla Rae's pretty face. The sculpts were great on the Only Hearts dolls, and those inset eyes really gave the Only Hearts dolls something special.

 I have a thing about coats. When I was young and thin, and had money to spare, I had quite a few coats. Now days I'm fat and can't even find one I like that fits. So instead, I love to have coats for my dolls.

The sisters weren't nearly as realistic as the original dolls. Sydney's head is bigger than Kayla's. Her face doesn't have as much detail either.

The Li'l Sister dolls had wired,posable bodies like the big sisters,but they had non removable clothes and shoes.

here were clothes sold for them that they wore over their no- removable clothes. I'm pretty sure her jeans are removable,as well as her coat. The shirt is probably part of her body.

Kayla Rae has jeans and,like most of the Only Hearts Club dolls, pretty realistic shoes.

These girls have never been opened,and have been sitting on the cupboard on my landing. So, I walk past them everyday. I've enjoyed them for the last couple of years that way. I've come close to opening them,but I kept putting it off thinking I'd do it when I got my other Only Hearts dolls out to join them. So,I'm really torn. I really like them. And as a completist,it would be nice to have all the girls. Of course, I'd still be missing Hanna Faith, but I'd be closer to complete. And maybe someday I'll find a Hanna Faith. But then she is too valuable to keep. I'd feel I couldn't afford to keep her. Dilemmas, dilemmas. Maybe I'll think about it a while longer...

Monday, October 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #289:Pix E. Flutters

  Whew! It was a busy day. I have been trying to let go of some things, as well as getting rid of some other things around here that aren't specifically mine,so today I did a load of photographs for Ebay listings.(Some of our stuff is on right now, so you can check it out HERE. Maybe something you fell in love with here on the blog will be on there!) In the afternoon I got a call from my friend Lori who cryptically asked,"Are you supposed to be somewhere?" I couldn't think where at first, and then it hit me: I was supposed to take our cat Mow in for his shots today! It was about a quarter to three by this time, so I had totally missed it.  Lori sorted me out another appointment at 3:30,so I had to run poor Mow in for his shots. .He was a really good boy,I have to say. He didn't even cry.
  So I came home, picked up MORE walnuts,and got back to work. I have to admit to having had disgusting looking hands  for the last few days from hulling walnuts. These are black walnuts, not the kind that are sold in the stores. Those are English walnuts. Black walnuts grow around here and have green hulls that have to dry up before the nuts are their best to eat. Mine were taking too long to dry out, and getting moldy, so I hulled a bunch of them Should have used gloves I guess, but I am impatient,impulsive,, and can't do anything in gloves! As a result, my hands have been stained a dark brown from the walnut juice. (To give you an idea, walnut furniture stain is black and makes for really dark furniture.) It's slowly wearing off, but I have been apologizing to people I come in contact with for the nasty looking state of my hands. Lori even said today,"You're hands are clean." Sarcastic.
  Today's doll is Pix E. Flutters.

She's a Laloopsey Girls doll.

The daisies in her hair are not removable.

Some of you may be saying, "She's not Pix E. Flutters! She's Jewel Sparkles!" Well, you'd be half right. She's Pix, but she's wearing Jewel's dress.

Look at those freckles!
The Lalaoopsey Girls are 9" tall.

She's missing her shoes too.
I really loved the Lalaoopsey dolls the first time I saw them. I think the first one I saw was Pillow Featherbed.  I didn't buy her then, but I ended up with one, because I shop at thrift stores. That's how I got most of my Lalaoopsey dolls,including minis, (I did get some of those new.),little sister dolls,rag dolls,and this girl. She's my first Lalaoopsey Girls doll.

Ta da!
The Lalaoopsey Girls were released in 2014.

These dolls are supposed to be a bit older that the original Lalaoopsey dolls.

The long, lanky look of the Girls, and the plastic string hair, reminds me of Betty Spaghetti.

She was found at my favourite Goodwill in a tub full of dolls. She 'inherited' some of their hair. Her own hair is plastic,and unlike Betty Spaghetti, she has molded yarn looking hair.

I don't feel the need to have a lot of these Girls, but it's nice to have one at least.

  See you tomorrow for another doll.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #288: Crying Hong Kong Baby

 I spent the day with Emma and Ivy today, so here's a quick post on a weird little kid I found at my favourite Goodwill. It's this crying baby.

All I know about it is that it says 'Hong Kong' on the bottom...

...and it's 3" tall.

The head is a separate piece and can turn.

It might be by Imperial Toys, as I see several similar toys by them in my Google search.

She has lots of red hair too.
  That's it for today. Join us tomorrow for another doll.