Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #347: Melody

  First of all, a nice comment from Ms Leo on a recent post made me realize, I never told you what happened when Ken and I went back to get the car. (Remember? The car was overheating and I left it at Emma's and had her drive us home. Ken and I were supposed to go back the next day to get it.) Well the next afternoon Ken and I went to get the car. Emma wanted us to visit with her for a while. We did, but we didn't stay too long, because we still anticipated a nearly 2 hour ordeal trying to get an overheating car the less than a half hour home. Well, 2 hours would have been nice. As it was, we weren't very far from home when the car, which had had to be restarted several times after stopping to let it cool, finally decided it wasn't going to start any more. It was completely dead. We tried jumping it, (On the edge of a busy highway,no less,and we had to pull the van the wrong way on the road to get their batteries together close enough to use the jumper cables. Luckily a nice Highway Patrol officer stopped and helped us not get plowed over in the process.) We tried jumping it,but it just wasn't going to start. The officer suggested we could leave the car there---that it would be ok for 48 hours---and try again tomorrow when we could see what we were doing and maybe call a tow truck,or we could call a tow truck then. We decided to come back the next day with our powerful battery charger, and see what we could do, rather than use one of only three AAA tow we get. The next day we went back. I was sitting in the van, which Ken had pulled up behind the car. Ken got in the car to pop the hood so he could hook up the battery charger. When he got out he shut the door,and...the entire back window fell out! I just screamed in shock and Ken turned around. I kept pointing frantically at the back of the car with my mouth hanging open. We finally got the car started,and after having to stop several more times, Ken was stranded before he got home. We finally got it started again and got it home, but now we have a car that not only overheats, but has no back window. It's a mite drafty this time of year...
  Anyway, today's doll. She's this sweet girl.

She's Melody,one of Kelly doll's friends.

In fact, she's the very first Melody.

 She's wearing her original outfit and shoes, except she had a headband to match her coat. 

It helped tame that hair.


She is small enough for Shrunken Saturday, but there she was,wearing this cozy coat,which is what lured me to buy her in the first place,and it was really cold out today.

This isn't my first Melody. I had to replace her, because she became Fuzzy's doll. He loved his Tommy dolls, and he ended up appropriating my Melody and Emma's Becky,which she called Emily. Needless to say, my original Melody doesn't look too great these days. But she has led a full life!
  This was a short post, (except for the car story!), without many pictures,but hey, as I said, it was cold out there today!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #346:Composition Baby

  Today's doll strays from our winter/Christmas theme, but I came across her the other day, and she is just so cute,I wanted to share her with you. Mind you, she does need a lot of TLC.Here she is.

Isn't she cute?

She has such a sweet little face.

I love her two teeth and her brown eyes.

She's a composition baby.

For those of you more into modern dolls, composition is described as 'a composite material composed of sawdust, glue, and other materials such as cornstarch, resin and wood flour.' It's not a material that does well over a long period of time. You can see that she needs a lot of help.

I wish I could afford to have her fixed, because she's just too sweet to let disappear. I'm really not brave enough to try to fix her myself.

Look at those curls!

 I'm not sure how that curly hair is kept if the surface falls off,because it doesn't look like there is any detail underneath. 

She has sleep eyes.

Her body is stuffed cloth,and she has a non-working crier in her back.

That may have something to do with that shoot out she was apparently in.

"They got me!"
She doesn't seem so big, but she actually measures 18" tall.

Does anybody recognize this girl? I'd love to know who she is,and how old she is.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow with another doll.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #345: Fairies For All Seasons Winter Vidia

  Today the snow is almost gone. But yesterday when I photographed today's doll,all was white. I had been saving her for a snowy day, so here she is.

She's Winter Vidia.

See? She's perfect for snow.

She;s 9" tall.

I know you saw this thing yesterday,but it's been held back for the snow too.
 As you have probably guessed,she's a Tinkerbell friend.

This Vidia apparently came in a Walmart exclusive 2 pack called Fairies for all Seasons,with a Tinkerbell doll.

She's kind of reminding me of actress Mary Steenburgen here.

She was made by Jakks Pacific.

Her outfit consists of a shimmery purple jacket with a snowflake design,a shiny lavender skirt,and purple boots that look like they are made of flower petals.

Unfortunately, since I got her second hand, I am missing a boot. Hopefully I'll come across another boots someday. it's not impossible. I always tell the story of how one year I found one boot for the first Disney Aladdin doll,and the next year I found another one.

She should have wings too I guess.

That is real snow in her hair.
If you've been following the blog you know I never really liked the character of Tinkerbell, but I love a lot of the recent  Tinkerbell and friends dolls.

 The red haired one, is my favourite, closely followed by Vidia. I guess they're the two sides of me: I have red hair, but I always wanted black hair.

That's it for today.
Tomorrow we'll stray from our winter/Christmas theme to see a sweet doll I want to share with you.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #344: Shrunken Saturday:Dolly Darlings John

  The worst shopping day ever. It was bad enough that Ivy wanted taken to Emma's by 5:30,instead of 5, like she told me the other day. That wasn't going to leave me much time to do the things I planned to do. I was going to drop her off, go on the other 20 minutes to some stores I needed to do some quick Christmas shopping at,and then come home and rearrange things in the living room to make room for the tree. As it turned out,I missed shopping at two of the places I needed to get to most. that was because most of my evening, and my night, was taken up with car trouble. The car kept over heating,in spite of the new radiator we got recently, and the almost whole jug of antifreeze/coolant I put in. By the time I got where I was going I was too late to shop at one place because it closed before I finished at Hallmark, and the other closed before I finished with another place. Then what should have taken me about20 minutes--getting back to Emma's--- took me almost an hour and a half, because the car kept getting hot after only 2 to 5 minutes of driving, and taking longer to cool down. In the end Emma had to take us home. Now Ken and I have to go back tomorrow evening after he gets off work and try to get the car home somehow.
  Anyway! Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is this little guy.

His name is John.

This is much bigger than life size,so his rough face shows up.

He's a Dolly Darling.

The Dolly Darlings were a series of tiny dolls made by Hasbro.

He's wearing a Bratz Babies shirt. The other stuff is a mystery,but he was naked. I was lucky to find anything that fit him,because he's tiny.

I've read that they are 4 1/2" tall, but I measured John at 4".

John is from a line called the 'Hatbox Dolls',because they came in round 'hat boxes',with clear plastic lids.

His hair has streaky detailing.
John was the only Dolly Darlings male doll.

He was available in 1965.

He came wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a red tie, a blue and white checked sports coat with a crest on the breast pocket,and blue shorts. His blue knee socks and brown shoes are painted on.
"Hello. My name is John. Who are you?"

He was called John and his Pets.
Nothing but sniffing from the rabbit. But John edges closer,being careful not to scare him.
 He came with two dogs, two cats, a yellow duck, a can of cat food, four pieces of white fencing, and a pretend book called  'How to Teach Cats'. Pretend is right! You can't teach cats! (That's not true. Our cat Mow has been taught not to climb on the table,and he's very good about it.)

"Please don't be scared.I like animals."

The rabbit comes further out of the gate. John stands very still.
The other Dolly Darlings were released later with rooted hair,but not John. 

Finally John is able to get very close. He stands still so the rabbit can sniff hi and get to know him.

He,and some of the girls, were available as paper dolls though.

Today was our first real snowfall of the winter.

This fence decoration has yellowed terribly.I think I may have to get a Tom Sawyer doll to paint it.

That's it for this week's Shrunken Saturday. See you tomorrow for another wintery doll.